A RAPID-response solution provided by AIR SPECTRUM ENVIRONMENTAL helped one of their customers to overcome a major headache being caused by unwanted odour. West Bromwich-based JBR Recovery specialise in processing secondary or waste materials, particularly from the photographic industry. However, the wet residues they deal with can produce pungent odours, which had led to complaints from neighbouring businesses and the Environment Agency had stepped in, requesting JBR to address the issue. They turned to odour control specialists Air Spectrum, who wasted little time in assessing the site, recommending a solution and installing a Vortex 420 misting fan internally, and an Pacific high pressure nozzle line system externally, which solved the issues in an instant. ASE Regional Sales Manager Darren Cornforth said: “JBR Recovery had received quite a number of complaints about the odour being produced from their site, so they called us in and we only had a limited amount of time to get it right. “Following the call from Daryl Grainger, who is the safety manager at JBR Recovery, a site visit was arranged very quickly to assess and help resolve the problems they where encountering. “After listening to what they were looking to achieve, the solution and diagnosis was our high pressure misting system, the Pacific75, externally and, internally, our Vortex 420 misting fan for the processing area, while our ODR3 range of neutraliser was chosen to remove, neutralise, the odours. After weighing up all the options and quotes, I was very pleased they chose ASE. Once the system was operational, the Environment Agency were more than happy with it and the complaints stopped.” Daryl Grainger has been impressed by how quickly and efficiently Air Spectrum, who also offer Site Odour Assessments and Odour Management Planning, were able to come to their rescue. He added: “We have a responsibility to monitor and manage our environmental performance to a high standard for the benefit of our employees and the wider community. “When we received complaints about odour emanating from our site, we turned to Air Spectrum and the system they installed delivered exactly what we needed. I’ve been very happy with Air Spectrum’s service with regard to them solving a problem for us.”


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