Wherever there is an odour issue or odour complaint, Air Spectrum has a range of odour control systems that are used to control odour emissions in outdoor, indoor and localised situations, with both mobile and permanent solutions.

Air Spectrum offers odour control solutions across a wide range of industries, including odour control for Waste Management, Waste Transfer Stations and Landfill. Air Spectrum is also a leading supplier of odour control misting systems and odour neutralisers to the waste water industry, and when the odour problem is in anaerobic digestion or composting operations, we have a range of odour elimination solutions specifically designed to manage odour problems on a widespread or localised basis.

Air Spectrum manufactures exclusively in the UK and distributes odour and dust equipment, as well as control chemicals across the globe offering both purchase and rental solutions. We also provide an odour consultation service through our sister business Spectrum Environmental Support (specialist in odour, dust and consultancy services). www.specenvsupport.com, providing you with the necessary information, advice and equipment to control your odour problem at the right level.

We also offer a range of odour control products in our Odr odour neutraliser range, Odr is used to neutralise odours by removing them from the air, rather than simply temporarily masking them. Odr odour neutraliser is dispersed where odour is a nuisance using odour misting systems such as rotary atomisers and nozzle line fogging systems.