Application environment

Scentroid SM100 is an in-field odour-measuring device that allows users to accurately quantify ambient odour strength. This revolutionary device (Patent Pending) offers an easy-to-use and cost effective alternative to guessing at odour strength or using expensive odour measuring laboratories.

  • Conduct daily odour emissions monitoring of industrial operation
  • Determine odour source contributions
  • Evaluate odour emission impact on neighbouring residents
  • Determine odour mitigation effectiveness over time
  • Monitor emission compliance
  • Verify lab results and dispersion model predictions
  • Conduct Panelist Screening


Unparalleled reliability
SM100 uses no electronic components and incorporable the highest grade of industrial components for the highest level of reliability. SM100 is built to last!

Cost effective
SM100 is the most cost effective method of obtaining accurate and reliable odour intensity measurement

Unlike other infield odour-measuring devices, SM100 does not rely on filters to clean ambient air for dilution. Rather fresh odourless air is supplied by a portable light weight air tank. This leads to the highest level of accuracy in the industry

Keeps nose sensitive in the harshest ambient odours
The fresh air is used also used to purge the nose before conducting the test. With up to 60 minutes of breathing air in each tank the user never even has to be exposed to full force of the undiluted ambient air

Easy to use

  • Wear the Teflon facemask and the portable air tank
  • Open the valve to purge nose with 3 to 5 min of odourless air
  • Slowly opens the sliding valve to increase the concentration of until the odour becomes detectable
  • Read from the valve position indicator the sample strength (Ou/m3)

Zero maintenance

  • Requires no other accessories such as sample bags
  • No contamination: Teflon nose masks and stainless steel wetted surfaces
  • No filters to change
  • No pumps or other moving parts to maintain

How it works

  • The SM100 draws a sample of ambient air via venture vacuum pump and dilutes it using fresh odourless air from a high pressure compressed air tank.
  • Operator uses an adjustable sliding valve to control the ratio of fresh to ambient air.
  • The mixed air is sent to through a flexible hose to a disposable face mask.
  • Operator slowly increases concentration of the mix until the odour of ambient air is detected.
  • A scale on the sliding valve shows the Dilution to Threshold ratio or odour intensity.