Odour Neutraliser

Odour neutralising or eliminating chemicals are used to effectively neutralise odours by removing them from the air, rather than simply masking the unwanted odour. Our best-selling range of organic, non-toxic, food-grade universal odour neutraliser is Odr. Our unique odour eliminator range offers a variety of strengths and fragrances to suit a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Odr uses bio-degradable essential oils collected from sustainable resources. Some Odr types are fragranced, but unlike odour masking chemicals that can cause greater environmental problems than they resolve, Odr  neutralises malodour by removing it from the air.

Odr is typically pre-diluted and then atomised into a fine-mist, using one of Air Spectrum’s odour misting units, to combat odours in 5 different ways:

How does Odr neutraliser work?

1. Pairing

Odr contains substances which will chemically pair with odorous compounds, changing the properties of the odour molecule, rendering it odourless.

2. Oxidation

Odour molecules can be oxidised to produce an odourless solution. A combination of oxygen, Odr and hydrogen ions generates a safe reaction, resulting in odour neutralisation.

3. Adsorption

Certain odorous molecules will attach themselves to Odr neutraliser, generating a minute energy charge that partly neutralises their odour and adsorbs them into a larger odourless compound.

4. Absorption

Certain odour compounds dissolve into Odr neutraliser, losing their odour in the process

5. Combination

Odr odour neutraliser combines with certain odorous molecules, changing their structure to generate new molecules that are environmentally friendly and completely odourless.

By working in 5 ways, Odr odour neutraliser offers comprehensive and highly effective odour neutralisation which actually breaks down and removes odours, rather than masking them, or hiding them with surfactant technology.

One of our Air Spectrum team will be able to advise you further about the most suitable Odr odour eliminator and odour neutraliser for your application. Call +44(0) 1905 362 100.


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