DST-4 (Dust Control Product) trial on Mange-Garry site

The DST-4 was diluted directly into the truck water tank: Dilution of 25L to 5000L water.
Site operators were able to easily prepare the solution prior to application. The water tanker was

fitted with a rear spray bar with 2mm diameter nozzles allowed an even spray pattern. This method of application produced and even crust as required.

Product Application – View 1 Product Application – View 2

For this trial and application rate of 1L/M2 was used, allowing a total area of 5000M2 was covered during the trial.

Roadway before treatment

The main aim of the trial was to generate a surface crust on the roadway using DST-4 product, literally sticking the dust. This film reduces the airborne dust and reduces any dust being carried by the wind. To achieve this result multiple passes we made over the area.

The aim of the trial was fully achieved. The DST-4 bound all the fine particles on the roadway and removed the airborne dust problem when traffic movements occur. The applied dosage of DST-4 was 5000L of mixed solution at 0.5% for 5000m2. Future applications of DST-4 can be reduced on treated surfaces, as there is already an improved surface prior to application. Maintaining regular applications will reduce the need to re-apply by at least 1/5th

Cost Comparison
Actual costs:
Water Truck used 5 times per day, each pass taking 1 hour Driver charge – £20/hour
Truck fuel consumption – 20LPH; Fuel Cost – £1.09/L
10m3 water truck capacity @ £0.10/m3
Trial: 25L of DST-4/day @ £5.50 per Litre

Using DST-4 can give an average weekly cost saving of £202.0

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