Sherwood Farms Limited operates an on-farm composting facility, which takes in 5,000 tonnes of green waste per year.

Green garden waste is collected from the kerbside by Rushcliffe Borough Council and taken to the on-farm site at Stragglethorpe. It is then placed into windrows for composting and the end product is used as a soil conditioner.


The waste arriving at the facility is processed and inevitably this generates odour.

Site Owner James Parker had applied for planning permission to extend the site and the Environment Agency asked him to prepare an odour management plan. Complaints had been received from neighbours of the site and it was necessary for James to offer a suitable solution to combat the odour problem.


James contacted Air Spectrum Environmental to seek a solution to the site’s odour issues.

Air Spectrum’s Sales Manager went out and surveyed the site, and proposed the company’s ‘Pacific 320’ odour control system be installed.

James commented that he had asked two other companies to provide a solution. However, James thought that the system Air Spectrum proposed was the most suitable.

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The Pacific 320 is a high-pressure water based system and is specifically designed to overcome odour emissions from widespread areas. The system forces water and Odr 3, neutralising agent through nozzle line often located along the site boundary. The resultant atomised mist acts as an effective barrier to control the odour emission.

The stainless steel construction of the control cabinet means it is fully waterproof and can be located outside. The system can be controlled by a 7-day timer and wind switch or weather station to ensure that minimal operation is required and odour control is assured.


Through installing the Pacific 320 system James has been able to demonstrate to the authorities that he is offering a means of controlling the odour emission from his site. This should ensure that James will gain planning permission for the site to be extended.

James commented that he had not had any problems with the system since it had been installed and would recommend Air Spectrum to anyone considering installing an odour control system. James Parker also added that he thought that ‘the product was good and the service fine’.

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