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Is that candle really worth your money?

Christmas is just around the corner and while most of your Christmas shopping may be done, we are all still running around looking for those last few bits and bobs for stocking fillers or to add that extra touch to our Christmas table. When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? What smells do you think of? For me, being from South Africa it use to remind me of the smell of braai’s (Barbeques) and sunscreen. That has all changed since moving to the UK. Now all I can think of is the smell of winter scented candles, log… Read more

Going Global

    We received a web enquiry in late 2017 from a company in the Middle East to design a bespoke self-contained odour mitigation system.  In addition to the electrical and mechanic control element we were required to supply in excess of 2km of nozzle line for the perimeter of the site.  The site has been used for over 20 years for extensive dumping of waste water and effluent and is now undergoing extensive remediation work as the project is prepared to go through four major stages: design; cleaning and removal of all sources of pollution; rehabilitation of the lagoon to “no-development” land… Read more

Health & Safety

This past Saturday (28/04/2018) was the International Health & Safety Day around the world. We have decided that there is no better opportunity than now to speak about just that, so we got hold of one of our real brainy types, Lois Blade, and had a chat to her about all things Health & Safety.   Health and Safety…it’s a sore topic for some and one that is generally overlooked as its found to be petty with loads of rules and regulations. The matter of the fact is, it’s an important and crucial part to every business. It is there… Read more

An interview with Mrs Oakes.

March is here and as the weather gets warmer, and you will be using your equipment more, we thought that it would be the best time for you to get to know the lady behind customer service and the scheduling of our engineers, Mrs Caroline Oakes everybody (crowd cheers).   S.C: Tell us about your journey so far? C.O: I have worked in a customer service environment for the majority of my working life from shop assistant through to Customer service manager; I have certainly met some memorable characters along the way.   S.C: What drove you towards customer service? C.O:… Read more

What to ask …

When it comes to odour and dust control, there are many things to consider. Health & safety for your staff as well as those around you, the environment and local regulations. Here at Spectrum blog, we decided to do some digging around (as promised) and thought we would help you in deciding what to ask a potential supplier that you could be purchasing from.     Equipment General Can your supplier offer full packages? Equipment, products, chemicals, servicing etc. One stop shops are always easier to handle, and you won’t void your warranty. What national bodies are you connected with?… Read more

Why We Are Starting A Blog

As I walk into the office, the air is crisp with smells of Cotton Fresh about (our best-selling neutraliser) it’s only the 3rd of January and our engineers are already hard at work blending & packing for deliveries to be sent out. There is a sense of excitement in the office as the new year comes with new deals, new opportunities and a new set of targets as well as some rather interesting stories from the year end party. But, before you carry on reading, you may be asking yourself, who is the person behind this blog? Why am I writing… Read more