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the testing world of dust and odour control

Although too young to remember john major’s premiership, Rebecca Munson, uk sales manager at air spectrum environmental, believes clients in the odour control and dust suppression sectors need to go ‘back to basics’. Geraldine faulkner finds out why. RATHER THAN wait until an industrial odour becomes a problem, Rebecca Munson, UK sales manager at Air Spectrum Environmental says businesses such as material recycling facilities and anaerobic digestion sites need to incorporate odour control and dust suppression measures in the planning and initial construction stages of their sites rather than leave them until a problem arises; and local residents have rung up to complain about a ‘nasty niff’. This approach, she says, coupled with a… Read more

air spectrum in the driving seat

A world-class automotive manufacturer has had their unwanted odour issues shown the red flag, thanks to Air Spectrum Environmental’s award-winning technology. Tallent Automotive design and develop cutting-edge chassis, suspension and body structures for the global automotive industry. However, the unpleasant smell produced as a bi-product of oven-drying the sub-assemblies were attracting complaints from neighbours of their side. Thankfully, Midlands-based odour control experts Air Spectrum were able to step in and solve the problem and put Tallent Automotive, which is part of the global Gestamp group, back in the fast lane. Air Spectrum General Manager Mark Thomas said: “We were approached… Read more

air spectrum is big news in scotland

Air Spectrum Environmental have been hitting the headlines north of the border after coming to the rescue of a community plagued by a terrible odour from a local landfill site. Residents living near to the Easter Langlee rubbish dump in Galashiels, in the Scottish Borders, were up in arms because the smell was making their day-to-day life unbearable. However, Midlands-based odour control experts Air Spectrum were able to step in and solve the problem by installing one of their Pacific mobile nozzle line misting systems around the perimeter of the site. Scottish Borders Council called in Air Spectrum to help… Read more

problem solving air spectrum style!

A RAPID-response solution provided by AIR SPECTRUM ENVIRONMENTAL helped one of their customers to overcome a major headache being caused by unwanted odour. West Bromwich-based JBR Recovery specialise in processing secondary or waste materials, particularly from the photographic industry. However, the wet residues they deal with can produce pungent odours, which had led to complaints from neighbouring businesses and the Environment Agency had stepped in, requesting JBR to address the issue. They turned to odour control specialists Air Spectrum, who wasted little time in assessing the site, recommending a solution and installing a Vortex 420 misting fan internally, and an… Read more

award winning odour suppression experts air spectrum secure a major account

AWARD-winning odour-suppression experts AIR SPECTRUM ENVIRONMENTAL LTD secured a major boost by winning acontract to work on the new £20million state-of-the-art Advanced Waste Treatment Centre by Avondale Environmental. Midlands-based Air Spectrum were approached by infrastructure experts Lend Lease to tender for the opportunity to supply the odour control equipment for Avondale’s pioneering Materials Recycling Facility (MRF),which is located in Polmont, central Scotland. The MRF is capable of processing 200,000 tonnes of waste every year – 60% of which will be diverted from going to landfill through recycling and developing fuels, from the waste, for energy production. And Air Spectrum have… Read more

air spectrum rationalise their award winning range

AIR SPECTRUM ENVIRONMENTAL LTD is constantly analysing and assessing the performance of it’s odour suppression chemicals. Air Spectrum’s ODR range of odour neutralisers is specifically designed to negate the threat of odour issues, and the industry experts have now extended their market-leading range range to ten fragrances – while at the same time still offering the highest quality of odour neutralisation to ensure clients are receiving the optimum product to meet their requirements. Mark Thomas, Director and General Manager of the Worcester-based company, commented: “”Operators using Air Spectrum’s ODR protect their neighbours’ from exposure to annoying smells, eliminating the possibility of complaint or investigation and… Read more

air spectrum providing key solutions to water shortage problems

With the threat of hosepipe bans looming large across much of the south of England, AIR SPECTRUM ENVIRONMENTAL can play a key role in ensuring waste recycling businesses are not affected by the water shortages. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is poised to bring in restrictions from early spring 2012, but AIR SPECTRUM provide market-leading technology that will ensure businesses can continue to operate in the most water-efficient way possible. Mark Thomas, General Manager of the Worcester-based odour and dust suppression experts Air Spectrum, has appealed to companies that are likely to be affected by impending… Read more

become an air spectrum distributor

Spectrum, launched the project, “We’re looking for distributor companies around the world who share our commitment to customer service, quality and innovation to promote and sell our highly successful range of services and equipment. It’s a great opportunity to get involved with our products and to share our success”. If you are interested in further details about becoming a member of Air Spectrum’s rapidly expanding distributor network, click here.

Air Spectrum’s Odour Lab Sensory Laboratory Test Is Number One In The World For Accuracy And Precision

Air Spectrum Launch Spectrum Environmental Support – A New Odour And Dust Consultancy Business

Worcester-based Air Spectrum Environmental Limited is delighted to launch a new consultancy business. Spectrum Environmental Support (SES) provides expert advice in odour, dust and air emissions consultancy across a range of industries including: Water and Waste Management, Local Authorities’ and process industries such as those operating odorous or dusty plants including effluent treatment, construction, engineering and manufacturing. Odour pollution is one of the most intrusive pollutants and causes disruption and annoyance to thousands of lives every day across the UK. As a pollutant, odour is one of the most difficult to define, and equally dust has impact on the public… Read more