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earn cash for using your nose! | Air Spectrum
Air Spectrum

earn cash for using your nose!

Have you got a nose for cash!

Earn cash for using your nose!

You are invited to join our Air Spectrum Odour lab panel of sniffers and earn up to £9.00 an hour for following your nose.

Our odour laboratory is based in Checketts Lane, Worcester, where suitable Odourlab panelists have their noses tested and calibrated; and are called into the lab to sit on a panel of 6 ‘sniffers’ who will sniff and detect samples of air in a controlled environment.

The lab uses samples of air that are collected from various sites throughout the UK which are then connected to an “Olfactometer” which dilutes them with clean fresh air before being delivered to the “sniffing” ports located in the panelist cubicles. The panelists detect the odour and use touch panels to feedback on the odour characteristics.

On average our pre-panelist acuity test takes up to 2 hours and you will be required 3 times before we can see if you are suitable. Panelists will need to be able to work to a flexible timetable (sometimes outside of normal office hours), and be punctual and reliable, as this is a commercial venture and samples have a very short lifespan.

Main duties

  1. To be part of an odour panel that requires you to be acuity tested for suitability.
  2. To listen to and carry out the tests requests when indicated and undergo training sessions to accurately detect the odours present.

Person specification


Essential Criteria:

  1. An odour recognition sensitivity that falls within a set, narrow range of detection.
  2. After training, a good understanding of the relevant protocols.
  3. Reliability and good time keeping.



In good health?

Have a good nose?

Flexible and available?

Then e-mail info@odourlab.co.uk

Or Telephone 01905 362100