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What to ask …

When it comes to odour and dust control, there are many things to consider. Health & safety for your staff as well as those around you, the environment and local regulations. Here at Spectrum blog, we decided to do some digging around (as promised) and thought we would help you in deciding what to ask a potential supplier that you could be purchasing from.



Equipment General

  • Can your supplier offer full packages? Equipment, products, chemicals, servicing etc. One stop shops are always easier to handle, and you won’t void your warranty.
  • What national bodies are you connected with? ie: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CHAS, Safecontractor, National Federation of Demolition Contractors?

Rental Equipment

  • What type of generators do they use on the mobile equipment? Is it a high-quality generator that doesn’t cause unnecessary downtime?
  • When hiring how often is the equipment serviced? Do they offer this inclusive of the price? Did you know regular servicing of the equipment increases productivity and limits downtime?

Odour Neutralisers

  • Are your chemicals environmentally friendly? Do they require COSHH? Is it safe to be sprayed where people are working?
  • Is it a masking agent or an actual neutraliser?

Some neutralizers are just a masking agent and don’t help the odour problem in the area

  • Does the supplier you are requesting the odour suppressant from, have different strengths and fragrances to eliminate the different smells?
  • Does your prospective supplier blend their own products? Would they be able to make a bespoke solution for you if you require?



Fly Treatment

  • Can the fly treatment be sprayed when people are working in the area?

Some fly treatments can’t as they contain pesticides.

  • Can the treatment be used in a fogger, backpack sprayer, or dosed into any misting equipment?
  • How many applications are required?



We hope this helps you in the search for your new supplier.



S. C. Clark