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Air SpectrumEnvironmental Limited
Checketts Lane Industrial Estate,
Checketts Lane,
Formore information contact:
+44 (0) 1905 362100
designed and
manufactured in theUK
01905 362100
+44 1905 362100
VeoliaEnvironmental Services plcRochester Transfer Station accepts over 130 vehicles for wastedisposal each
day. I was very impressed in a number of things: Air Spectrumworked to a very tight deadline and fitted the system in
less time than I thought possible and havingmade at first a call for aquotation for works tobe carriedout, XallaAxton
arrivedonemorning and had thewhole thingwrapped up in record timing, and in aprice that was unbeatableby other
competitors.What did surpassmy expectationswas the fact that you felt like a valued customer. The after-care counts
for a lot inmy book. XallaAxtonmade thewhole experience from the first phone call enquiringof theproduct to the
install apleasure andwould not hesitate to recommend theproducts or theCompany.
TonyCollins, Transfer StationManager, VeoliaEnvironmental Servicesplc
We approachedAir Spectrum in 2011 to help us counter adifficult neighbour. From the initial site audit it was
clear that Air Spectrumwere very experienced and knowledgeablewithout preaching as is often the casewith some
companies. The solution has been fine tuned to a very effective system. Any teethingproblemswerequickly dealt with
and the system runs very smoothlywithminimal attention. Ongoing annual site surveys are, inmy opinion, essential
from aduediligenceperspective and also to ensure that initial tighteningof procedures do not slipover time. I have no
hesitation in recommendingAir Spectrumwholeheartedly.
RichardSpear, Director, CoombeFisheriesLimited
Air spectrum are apleasure toworkwith and I have no hesitation in recommending their products
and their teams toother companies.
Daniel Hollingsworth, SiteOperationsManager, BiffaWasteServicesLtd
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