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Commercial fly killer and insect control

Flygopro is an commercial fly killer and insect control additive. It is an organically approved, broad-spectrum and non-toxic formulation for flying and crawling insect control. It is non-hazardous, non-flammable and carries no known risk. It is a natural plant derived product, harnessing the power of lavender oil and natural coconut with citrus extracts, providing a unique formulation through physical action not chemical.

There are 7,000 species of flies in the UK and whilst not all cause significant and regular problems, they all can spread disease, contaminate the environment and bite.

One pair of flies can produce up to 5 Billion to 190 Billion flies over a season. Flygopro can eradicate flies, eggs, larva and pupae and is suitable for use on landfill sites, Composting facilities, waste sites, and in livestock farming.

How does Flygopro commercial fly killer and insect control work?

Flygopro is a slightly sticky liquid which, when applied directly to the insects, breaks down the wax coating on the body causing dehydration and subsequent death. It is this unique physical action that works on flies, eggs, larvae and pupae that makes flygopro incredibly efficient and effective.

Where can Flygopro commercial fly killer and insect control be used?

Flygopro is perfect for use for all forms of waste sites; landfills, composting, animal housings, hospitals, farming, food storage, slaughterhouses and anywhere where flies are a problem.

Flygopro can be applied using an Air Spectrum atomizer, or any compatible fogger or back pack sprayer and can be used as either an atmospheric space spray, or a direct to surface spray.

Flygopro is cost effective and is available from just £2.99 per litre.


Space Spray 1 litre per 1000 cu metres of space.
Surface Spray 1 litre per 20 sq metres of surface area.


Strength Application
Flygopro 1 Light infestation
Flygopro 2 Moderate infestation
Flygopro 3 Heavy infestation
Flygopro 0 Super concentrated for use in our range of Fixed Equipment


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