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We received a web enquiry in late 2017 from a company in the Middle East to design a bespoke self-contained odour mitigation system.  In addition to the electrical and mechanic control element we were required to supply in excess of 2km of nozzle line for the perimeter of the site.  The site has been used for over 20 years for extensive dumping of waste water and effluent and is now undergoing extensive remediation work as the project is prepared to go through four major stages: design; cleaning and removal of all sources of pollution; rehabilitation of the lagoon to “no-development” land status; and protection of the existing habitats . We recommended our Odour neutraliser product – Odour neutralising or eliminating chemicals are used to effectively neutralise odours by removing them from the air, rather than simply masking the unwanted odour.   Due to the nature of the project we had a strict deadline to work to.   The system was built, completed and shipped on time to meet the customer expectations. Once the delivery was confirmed we sent out our technician -Vytas  Danys to install, commission and train users of the system.  Our local representative will provide on-going support of site day to day.


SK: How long did the build take at HQ?   

VD: It took about 3 weeks to build it, because it was a one-off design which we have never built before.


SK: How did you pack the system for delivery?

VD: We had two containers to ship out, of which one was the custom build air-conditioned container, it contained three integrated Pacific 250 systems, 4000l water tank, and 1800m of nozzle line and 4000m of manifold with all fittings and tools required to complete the task.  The second container left a week after the first one containing 8000l of ODR3 Natural neutralizer.


SK: How long did it take to ship across?

VD: Shipping took almost 4 weeks for it to reach the site.


SK: How long was the installation process?

VD: Despite the challenging local conditions eg: excessive heat, restrictions on working hours and Ramadan we were still able to complete the installation on time.


SK: What was the most difficult part about the installation?

VD: The most difficult part I would say, was to work in the middle of a desert in +55C heat during Ramadan fasting time.


SK: What was your favourite part of the installation?

VD: My most favourite part of any install, is to see it all working at the end!


SK: What was the best part of your trip?

VD: Best part of my trip was seeing the Middle East which I haven’t seen before and learning about their culture. I even tried a dish made with Camel meat(delicious) 😉


SK: What tips would you give to engineers doing global builds (what did you take with you that you couldn’t do

without etc)

VD: My tip for whoever is going to build something for the Middle East countries would be to consider the heat because it can cause a lot of issues, make sure all components can take the heat and that you are well-equipped.


At the end of the installation we handed over to a very happy client who will have day to day support from one of our local agents.


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S. Kerrod