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Is that candle really worth your money?

Christmas is just around the corner and while most of your Christmas shopping may be done, we are all still running around looking for those last few bits and bobs for stocking fillers or to add that extra touch to our Christmas table. When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? What smells do you think of? For me, being from South Africa it use to remind me of the smell of braai’s (Barbeques) and sunscreen. That has all changed since moving to the UK. Now all I can think of is the smell of winter scented candles, log burners and real Christmas trees but lets be honest, we all know we can spend a pretty penny on those fancy Dipteek or Yankee candles to deliver that festive fragrance, but are you getting what you pay for?

Last year December an ITV film crew visited our base to spend the day with us and understand our processes in delivering an answer. We decided to test the length of the candle and whether the scent is followed all the way through the wax. We tested 5 different candles: Diptyque – Pomander, Yankee – Spiced Orange, M&S – Mandarin, Clove & cinnamon, Primark – Spiced orange & cinnamon, and John Lewis – Winter spice. Our sniffers came in to do the testing where they ranked from 1st – 5th, and we were rather surprised with the results.

We had a productive and enjoyable day and were delighted to be asked to appear as a trusted assessor for such a highly regarded National organisation.

The results may surprise you. Fast forward to 40.20 in the video below to watch our director Pete Badham (AKA Yoda of odour) take you through the steps of the test.



S. Kerrod