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An interview with Mrs Oakes. | Air Spectrum
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An interview with Mrs Oakes.

March is here and as the weather gets warmer, and you will be using your equipment more, we thought that it would be the best time for you to get to know the lady behind customer service and the scheduling of our engineers, Mrs Caroline Oakes everybody (crowd cheers).


S.C: Tell us about your journey so far?

C.O: I have worked in a customer service environment for the majority of my working life from shop assistant through to Customer service manager; I have certainly met some memorable characters along the way.


S.C: What drove you towards customer service?

C.O:  I have a strong belief that customer service is the most important face of any organisation and that should show from the bottom to the top! It’s the secret to success.


S.C: What do you enjoy most about the workspace at Air Spectrum?

C.O: I enjoy the fact we are a small team but very productive and everybody is happy to pitch in to get the right result, everyone is approachable (maybe after our first coffee)


S.C: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

C.O: Hard to pinpoint a highlight I have had many, for me, it’s all about job satisfaction and knowing you went the extra mile in whatever you are doing.


S.C What does a day in the life of Caroline Oakes look like?

C.O:   Wife, Mother, Granny, Daughter, Sister, Career woman – just a few of my daily characters.


S.C: Is there a particular part of your job that you enjoy? If so, why?

C.O: Customer interaction, I love building relationships and getting to know the customers individually, it gets results.


S.C: What do you do in your spare time?

C.O: Spending time with family and friends, I love going to comedy shows, live concerts, sometimes I sleep too 😊


S.C: What advice would you give to the younger generation about the workplace?

C.O: No matter how long you have been in a job you are learning every day, you can always improve never be afraid to try.