Air Quality

Air pollution can  sampled, tested, analysed and monitored in several different ways. At Air Spectrum we have an expert team of odour consultants and odour engineers who are tasked with providing professional services in air quality and monitoring. We are a market leader in the supply of measuring and monitoring equipment and our team of odour consultants can measure, test, evaluate and monitor air quality to protect employees and the public from air and odour pollution.

Site odour assessment

Site Odour Assessment fully qualifies all the sources of odour emission within a site boundary, ranking them in order of significance of contribution to the net odour yield. This critical step ultimately helps to identify the appropriate odour abatement system.

Olfactometric sampling and analysis

Olfactometric sampling and analysis provides a reliable measurement of odour concentration, thereby providing valuable data from which to make reasoned odour management decisions when it comes to air quality.

Scentroid sm100

Scentroid sm100 is an infield odour measurement device that enables accurate measurement of ambient odour strengths.

Bio-aerosol monitoring

On site bio-aerosol monitoring on waste management sites utilising the latest industry standard equipment providing data and peace of mind for operators.

Odour dispersion modelling

As the logical extension of in-depth odour analysis, odour dispersion modelling provides a comprehensive representation of the odour source and its manipulation by local topographic and meteorological conditions. It concludes with a clear presentation of the impact of the odour on the local environment.

Odour management planning

Using our vast experience and data collected from many areas, we are able to provide support and detailed plans to combat site and operational odour issues.

Dust monitoring

Through our partners, we have experience in undertaking surveys using the latest technology. From initial baseline surveys to full site monitoring, we can ensure all needs are met.

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