Either for a one-off odour consultation, emergency or on-going management, our odour experts will work with you to create a Odour Management Plan or solution that fits exactly to your odour control needs and with your budget in mind. We are expert in advising on the best individual requirements; from an existing industrial odour control problem or management on a new project, future odour prevention and ongoing testing, service and maintenance.

Odour pollution is a difficult pollutant to identify, capture and define. The human nose and our ability to detect and sense odours is at best subjective, as often, no two people smell exactly the same thing. Our noses are however better designed to quantify odour than any measuring device on it’s own. Hundreds if not thousands of people have their everyday lives disrupted by odour pollution across the globe every day. Odour Consultation is key to best managing odour pollution.

Waste recycling, water treatment,  and sewerage works, landfill sites, petro-chemical, agriculture and food manufacture processes can all contribute to odour pollution. Processing operations of any nature that are located within large urbanised areas need to ensure strict environmental compliance, especially where potential odour nuisance can escalate into complaints, investigation and enforcement. Failure to act on odour emissions can destroy local public relations, attract bad publicity and ultimately result in financial penalty and restrictions on operation. Air Spectrum offer Odour Consultation and a range of odour services including: