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Jetstream 100

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Which Jetstream system do I need?

An intrinsically safe, ATEX compliant odour control system, the Jetstream 100 is a compact, low-cost misting unit, which runs on compressed air. The Jetstream 100 is ideal for small applications, where space is limited or where a low-cost solution is needed. Because it runs on compressed air rather than electricity, there is no risk of the Jetstream 100 producing a spark, which makes it ‘intrinsically safe’ and ideal for use where volatile materials are present, such as in oil refineries and petro-chemical manufacturing processing plants. The Jetstream 100 can power up to four auto-clean, air-misting nozzles, allowing it to effectively neutralise odour in an extraction or ductwork system, or in localised external applications. The Jetstream 100 is simple to operate, with manual on/off switch and is supplied with brackets for wall mounting.

how jetstream 100 works

The Jetstream 100 produces a compressed air stream and when used in conjunction with Air Spectrum’s odour neutraliser Odr, produces a very fine mist that is sprayed into the extract ductwork or stack. The mist interacts with the odour particles and neutralises them.

where to use jetstream 100 – key applications

  • Petro-chemical processing plants
  • Food and drinks manufacturing
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Take-away food outlets
  • Localised external applications


  • Intrinsically safe, ATEX compliant
  • Simple to use
  • Runs on compressed air
  • No electricity required
  • Compact size
  • Low cost
  • Ultrasonic nozzles provide long-life, extra fine atomisation and are block resistant
  • Wall mounting brackets included
  • Manual on/off operation
  • Two regulators and pressure gauges
  • Runs up to 4 ultrasonic nozzles

Which system do i need?

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