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Pacific mobile

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The Pacific Mobile is trailer mounted so that it can be taken directly to the source of the problem. It includes a 1125L capacity bowser, which is filled with either dilute Odr (Air Spectrum’s odour neutraliser) or water for dust suppression. A 100m nozzle line (50m either side) is deployed on pig tail stakes (included), around the problem area. The flexible nozzle line can be adapted to provide a variety of solutions.


Diesel powered, the Pacific Mobile provides an industry best coverage of 100m, and produces a finely atomised mist, effectively supressing dust and neutralising odour.

Turnkey operation gives up to 4 hours continuous running on one tank and all fittings are push fit, making the Pacific Mobile the convenient, effective and affordable solution to dust and odour problems.

How pacific mobile works

Pumping water, or water and Air Spectrum’s Odr odour neutraliser, through 100m nozzle line to spaced nozzles, the Pacific system delivers a ‘misting curtain’, effectively suppressing dust and neutralising odour.

Where to use pacific mobile – key applications

  • Waste transfer stations
  • Landfill sites
  • Composting sites
  • Remediation sites
  • Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs)
  • Construction and demolition sites

  • Multiple nozzles
  • 100 metres coverage
  • Diesel generator powered
  • Flexible system, can be used in many locations
  • Trailer mounted 1125L bowser tank
  • 4hrs continuous operation
  • 100m of high pressure nozzle line (included)
  • 50 high pressure brass Nozzles (included)
  • 10m of high pressure manifold (included)
  • Push-fit stainless steel fittings
  • Available to purchase or hire

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