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Why We Are Starting A Blog

As I walk into the office, the air is crisp with smells of Cotton Fresh about (our best-selling neutraliser) it’s only the 3rd of January and our engineers are already hard at work blending & packing for deliveries to be sent out. There is a sense of excitement in the office as the new year comes with new deals, new opportunities and a new set of targets as well as some rather interesting stories from the year end party.

But, before you carry on reading, you may be asking yourself, who is the person behind this blog? Why am I writing this? How is this relevant? Well, I am going to answer each of those questions right here, right now.

My name is Sammy Clark, I can’t tell you my age – who does tell these days? I have a rather sensitive stomach, so I can’t stand smelly places (Thank goodness I work here) More about me? I do love the outdoors and like to think I am fit, even though my stomach could probably say otherwise.

This first blog is just for you to get know me. The reason we have decided to do this blog is because we want to connect with our customers on a personal level as well as a professional level. Here at Air Spectrum we employ a lot of knowledgeable people. Real brainy types. We’ve got experts in Odour, dust, air quality and much more

We decided that all this knowledge would be going to waste and what better way to share than through the Spectrum blog. I am here to help you cut through the clutter and make your decision making, easier and simpler, by showing you what you should look out for when buying from a supplier, the questions you should ask and how to make the most of the equipment you have bought for your site as well as some fun facts, interviews and mischievous happenings in the office.


S.C Clark